Sweet Provence light

Lanvander ffff

Summer is here, it will stay to 21 September… But if he stay more, we will cal him “Indian Summer” (été indien in french) . This name comme from Canada.
But, for landes, is shorter. They have to be cut between 21 July and 20 August.
Many people invade the lavender fields, with their phones to take photos, to show they have been there !!! My god, usually they spend 20 minutes and go away …..

Personally, I prefer the fields forgotten by the tourists, I sit down, I wait, I look, I listen to the bees, the butterflies, the rustle of the lavender in the light wind and I look at the mum which changes every moment , which change the colors, I wait for the right moment, the one that makes me a “wow” …. Some day, I can stay 3:00, 4:00 to make 10 photographs but each of them contains as many memories as hundreds of pages.