The butterfly is fascinated by light, which often leads to its loss. Let’s put things into perspective because the life of butterflies is one of the shortest.
This does not prevent some, however fascinated by butterflies, from killing them for the sole pleasure of keeping them behind glass or in a transparent box…
Fascination is a kind of hypnosis. To be fascinated is to not manage to divert one’s attention from an object, a living being, a landscape, a sound…
And since this fascination is also a kind of ecstasy, it causes an avalanche of neuro-transmitters and hormones which short-circuits resonance and this famous free will so dear to humans but which ultimately they practically never use, fascinated as they are by what comes from the reasoning of others, or even from totally artificial intelligence.
So try to be amazed instead. The marvelous is pure pleasure! It doesn’t block your intellect, it boosts it!

Fascination – Digital Art @2022

our guests – summer 2022


Automnespotify – Pascal Barnier

We are very delighted of the many international submissions received from artists working in several creative fields all over the world!
We are proud to share the selected artist of our upcoming summer edition may and june:

Visual artist photographer Pascal Barnier, from Manosque, France. Check Pascal’s works at http://www.pascalbarnier.com/

Visual artist, designer, director and professor Edward Bakst and concept designer, multimedia specialist, director Sarah Fay Krom – based in Andalusia, USA. Check their activities at https://ideaforia.com/animation/ and https://sarahfaykrom.com

Mixed media visual artist winepainter, Judit Nagy L. – LNJ and her manager/husband Stefan Friedrich based in Zurich, Switzerland. See Judit’s activities at https://www.saatchiart.com/lnj or at https://invinoveritasart.com/

Visual artist painter and teacher Erika Aderson from New York, USA.
To see Erika’s practice connect to: http://www.erikaandersonart.com/

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A London trip

For friend’s wedding and photographies

Last week I was in London – Vaccin, test to fly, 2nd day test, masks, hôtel booking, flies booking….. 1 week to have all the papers, files, and obtain the OK to do.

But I had promised my friends to be present at their wedding and a promise to friends is sacred !!!!

And the day before, I had planned to harvest images of London to create a new collection of creations of which I have the secret. Here is the first piece.

Others will follow !!!
See you soon !

Sweet Provence light

Lanvander ffff

Summer is here, it will stay to 21 September… But if he stay more, we will cal him “Indian Summer” (été indien in french) . This name comme from Canada.
But, for landes, is shorter. They have to be cut between 21 July and 20 August.
Many people invade the lavender fields, with their phones to take photos, to show they have been there !!! My god, usually they spend 20 minutes and go away …..

Personally, I prefer the fields forgotten by the tourists, I sit down, I wait, I look, I listen to the bees, the butterflies, the rustle of the lavender in the light wind and I look at the mum which changes every moment , which change the colors, I wait for the right moment, the one that makes me a “wow” …. Some day, I can stay 3:00, 4:00 to make 10 photographs but each of them contains as many memories as hundreds of pages.



In search of resonance with the Mediterranean DNA – Pascal Barnier at Villa R


Lavandel 020 – Pascal Barnier

Pascal Barnier (b. 1967) is a visual artist photographer and video creator based inManosque, France.

His eclectic creative practice includes installations, photographic writing available also as video, textile supports and videograms, art on unique pieces and limited series of fashion garments, video art creations around music made with piano, visual creations and prose ecc.

The artist has relized several exhibitions in France, Italy, USA.

Discover Pascal’s work at http://pascalbarnier.com

Barnier is currently at Villa R doing research on the territory and surroundings finding inspiration for his new creations. 

Pascal says:

-“As a teenager, I searched and tested several forms of artistic creations in search of the one that would suit me best. At 19, I bought my first film camera. In the early 90s, I learned computer graphics, discovered scanners and photoshop, the digital photo lab.

In the end, 14 years ago, I switched to…

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An Interview with Charlotte Hoather, My Favorite Classical Soprano


Today I have invited the brilliant soprano Charlotte Hoather for tea. She’s British, so I know she likes tea. Me, I’ll stick with coffee. I somehow got directed to Charlotte’s blog a number of years ago, when she was first enrolled in the Royal College of Music in the Master’s Program. It was a wonderful blunder because I’ve been enjoying her voice and her professional growth ever since.

           by  Frank Dresch

Since she is the first profession singer I’ve ever met, I have a lot of questions for her!

Charlotte, when did you start singing?

My older brother and I used to watch Disney Sing-a-Long videos from about the age of two, and  I started singing when I was about two, at least that’s what I used to call it, I would watch Disney Sing-a-Long and Barney with my brother. But I started singing on stage from the…

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