This Afternoon…..

I am a photographer by hobby because of an absolute love of light. That of the sun, the stars, but also that which emanates from living beings, and all nature.

Je suis dévenu photographe à cause d’un amour absolu de la lumière. Celle du soleil, des étoiles, mais aussi celle qui émane des être vivants, et de toute la nature.


An Interview With Pascal Barnier

Originally posted on Charlotte Hoather:

The established photographic artist Pascal Barnier combined his holiday to Scotland with an opportunity to see me in my first operatic main role, as Eve in the Dove Opera “The Walk from the Garden” in Glasgow. He also came along to listen to me sing with my friends in the RCS Chamber Choir at our concert in St Mary’s Cathedral. Pascal is the artist that created several of my social media banners and I love his work and his passion for colour, vibrations and light that he says he imagines when listening to my singing.

Blog-Post-PB-09 Having My Picture Taken With Pascal Barnier Just After My Performance In “The Walk From The Garden”

Over the past few months he has been listening to my first album “Canzoni D’Amore” whilst he creates and I’m truly honoured that he has used my songs as inspiration for some of his work. He has decided…

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