Touch the light

Light, have said the invisible and intangible. Yet sometimes it can be seen and felt.

As a soft caressing hand, as an energetic breaths, it’s there and we wrapped in a loving embrace.

La lumière , ont la dit invisible et intangible. Pourtant, parfois , on peut la voir et la sentir.
Comme une main légère et caressante, comme un souffles énergetique, elle est là et nous enveloppe dans une étreinte amoureuse.


A lovely night, truth vibs !

A lovely night, truth vibs !

Shapes, colors, sounds, translate into curves and therefore frequency. Arranging a place is to create fair partition, the opera that will vibrate, make it unique and ready to play with those who live there …. But do not forget, we are ourselves of antiter vibration, and our living spaces should match our vibrations. A professional should work according to your vibrations and not hers ……

This image is a set of universal vibrations …. but this is another story.